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Sat May 21

2022 Austin CC @ Lakeway Lakers
Lakeway Swim Center
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:00 AM
End: 11:30 AM (estimated)

This is a home meet at the Lakeway Swim Center. Arrival time is 6:45am for all swimmers. 

Fri Jun 3

2022 Lakeway Lakers @ Westwood CC
Westwood Country Club
Start: 4:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:00 PM
End: 8:30 PM (estimated)

This is an away meet with an arrival time of 3:45pm. This meet will be at Westwood Country Club, off 35th Street in Austin. 

The Westwood pool is a 25-meter pool, so your swimmer's entry times will appear with an asterisk (*) to indicate that they have been converted from yards to meters. Swimming in a 25-meter pool is 7 feet further to swim than in a 25-yard pool, so the time is slower to account for the longer distance. 

The Lakeway pool is 25 yards in length.

Fri Jun 10

2022 Lakeway Lakers @ Rollingwood Waves
Start: 5:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:50 PM
End: 9:00 PM (estimated)

Arrival time for this meet will be 4:00pm! This is an away meet at the Rollingwood pool in Westlake. 

Sat Jun 18

2022 River Place CC @ Lakeway Lakers - Medals meet
Lakeway Swim Center
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:00 AM
End: 11:30 AM (estimated)

This is a home meet at the Lakeway Swim Center with an arrival time of 6:45am for all swimmers. 

This is last official meet of the season. It is called the medals meet because swimmers earn medals for 1st through 8th place for individual events, 1st through 6th place for relay events, and for personal bests! This meet will be at the Lakeway Swim Center. Swimmers must have legal times in events from a previous meet during the current season to be able to swim those events at this meet. That means that you cannot enter events where your time is "NT" for "no time." This is a league rule and we cannot change it.

Coaches will select swimmers for relay teams based on fastest times.

Sun Jun 19

End of Season Pool Party
Lakeway Swim Center
Start: 6:00 PM
End: 8:00 PM

Our end-of-season party will be on Sunday, June 19, from 6:00-8:00pm at the Lakeway Swim Center. All swimmers and their immediate family members (siblings and parents) are invited to attend this private party. The team will cover the cost of snacks, drinks, and the facility rental fee (so that means this is FREE to participate).

We'd like to ask all families on the team to RSVP for this event, even if you cannot attend, so we can get our awards organized for distribution and know the number of people to expect. All swimmers will receive awards. 

If you cannot attend the party, please ask another family to pick up your swimmer's awards (ribbons and medals from the June 18 medals meet). If you aren't able to find someone to pick up your child's items, please be sure to pick them up from the front desk at the Swim Center no later than July 3. (We have limited storage space and items not claimed by July 3 will be discarded.)

Please bring blankets and chairs for your family as we will be setting up in the grass and on the pool deck (in the shade). Everyone is invited to play in the pool, but please note that we will need to follow the Swim Center's rules for patrons (swim diapers for children who are still in diapers, the height requirement of 48" will be enforced for the slides, and no older kids on the frog slide).

Mon Jun 20

Westwood Waves All Star Invitational
Westwood Country Club
Start: 3:45 PM
Warm-up: 4:00 PM
End: 8:45 PM

This meet has qualifying times for all individual events. The qualifying times are posted here.

This is an optional League Championship meet hosted by Westwood Country Club for swimmers who earn qualifying times. Swimmers must earn qualifying times during the current season. Arrival time is 3:45pm. 

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, the make-up day is Tuesday, June 21.

This meet is optional and requires entry fees, to be paid to the Lakeway Lakers (and then we will pay Westwood Country Club). Entry fees must be paid to the Lakers prior to entry. The entry fee is $8.00 per event PLUS $10 to cover our relay team fees (ie, three events = $34.00). The entry fee includes a meet t-shirt for swimmers entered in this meet (including relay-only swimmers) and a Lakers “All Star Team” swim cap.

Qualifying entry times must be earned during the Summer 2022 season. The first entry deadline is Wednesday, June 15, at NOON for all currently qualified swimmers.

Times earned at the June 18 Medals Meet can be used to enter the All Star meet. Swimmers who earn All Star times at the June 18 meet will need to enter by 6:00pm on Saturday, June 18. LATE ENTRIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

All parents of swimmers entered in this meet are required to help run this meet. Each team attending will be assigned a job for the meet. We also will need parents from our team to help keep the swimmers in the team area, to take kids to the ready bench, and to pick up our team area after the meet ends.

The same entry rules apply to this meet--up to three individual events for swimmers ages 10 & under and up to five individual events for swimmers ages 11 & older.

The coaches will create the relay teams. The fee for relay-only swimmers, if selected, is $10 per swimmer.

Arrival time for swimmers is 3:45. The Lakers warmup time is 4:00-4:30 and the meet starts at 4:30. You can qualify with entry times in yards or meters. The Westwood pool is 25 meters so all entry times will be converted to meters. 

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